Recommended reading

The Role of Beauty in Green Design: How Aesthetics and Good Design Improve Performance (International Living Future Institute)

The Power of Good Design: Beauty as a Force for Change (International Living Future Institute)

Philosophy makes better engineers (Arup)

The True Grand Challenge for Engineering: Self-Knowledge (Issues in Science and Technology)

Transforming the Active Orientation (Issues in Science and Technology)

Philosophy of engineering (Royal Academy of Engineering)

Humanist among machines (Aeon)

A Manifesto for Conscious Cities (Itai Palti)

Man and the City  Power to the People (Velux)

Green Design: What’s Love Got to Do with It? (BuildingGreen)

Relativism and Urban Planning (The Book of Life)

Philosophy Storms Business: The Utopian Business Consultancy (The Book of Life)

Megacities: Environmental Friend or Foe? (Mark Bessoudo)

Ideal City 2030: Sustainable. Equitable. Beautiful (Mark Bessoudo)

Culture and context: How to drive net zero design (Arup)

Empowering Cities: How citizens and businesses are driving smart cities (The Economist Intelligence Unit)

The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence (Wait But Why)

Tools, Benchmarks and Guidelines

Living Building Challenge (International Living Future Institute)

Active Design Guidelines (Center for Active Design)

WELL Building Standard (International WELL Building Institute)

GRESB Health & Well-being Module (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark)

14 Patterns of Biophilic Design: Improving Health and Well-Being in the Built Environment (Terrapin)